Will Speros • March 14, 2018

Photos: Norda

Norda restaurant, located within the 1925-era Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a lush concept that is far from garden variety, thanks to a sumptuous refresh from Spik Studios. Conceived as the sister property to fellow onsite F&B outpost Bon Bon Bar (also from Spik Studios), Norda “is the more sophisticated, well-traveled older sister,” explains Emma Nora Hedberg, interior architect for the local firm.

Indeed, as the older sibling to the glamorous, pretty-in-pink Bon Bon Bar (here, a 131-foot blush velvet sofa snakes around the space complementing an ornately patterned angular carpet), Norda embodies an appreciation for the finer things with an emphasis on sustainability, greenery, and the natural world. “Though different in design, they work well together and complement each other,” Hedberg adds, noting the two share a postal hall.

Influenced by the restaurant’s locally sourced cuisine, the renovation sought to amplify a colorful, floral-inspired sensibility balanced with existing natural elements like original stone ceilings and Art Deco touches. Guests arrive beneath a manicured canopy of greenery and solid oak that is balanced by stone details that complement Bon Bon Bar’s striking design. As a contrast to the stone hall, “the canopy creates a natural and fun sense of arrival,” she notes.

The dining room is anchored by expansive banquette seating in understated, natural tones, and original chairs have been upcycled and newly reupholstered in botanical patterns to honor the aesthetic. Laser-cut metal sheets serve as partitions for the bar to provide moments of intimacy, while lighting pays tribute to local craftsmanship. “We were inspired by round street lights that are often found in Swedish parks, but we made ours in a raw brass effect,” she points out. A local florist was enlisted to assist in the installation of the large olive trees that permeate the space, animating the uplifting spirit of renewal that defines Norda.