Masquespacio Designs Kento in Valencia

October 17, 2017

Local firm Masquespacio has designed Kento, the sushi take-away food chain in Valencia. Founded by Eduardo Hijlkema, the new chain counts on the consultancy of well-known chef and YouTube star Taka Sasaki.

For the interior, Masquespacio got back to the age of traditional Asian decoration but with an avant-garde touch. Metallic elements, bricks, and concrete show an urban and modern aspect, while wood adds warmth to the design. The colors fuse a cheerful and serious atmosphere in the small space.“Taking in mind that the kitchen of Kento could evolve in the future, although the first restaurant focusses mainly on sushi, we wanted to create an overall design that offers the possibility to add other types of food without being related totally to Japan,” says Ana Hernández Palacios, founder and creative director of the firm.