The Gettys Group Designs SafeHouse Chicago

Will Speros • November 14, 2017

Milwaukee’s unique dining and entertainment concept the SafeHouse has launched a new outpost in Chicago. Crafted by locally based design practice the Gettys Group, the clandestine destination draws inspiration from the secret world of espionage where nothing is what it seems.

The SafeHouse Chicago is marked only with a sign for International Exports, and invites guests to arrive via a red door flanked by gaslights. In addition to a variety of F&B options, guests will be encouraged to explore the interior for hidden clues sprinkled throughout the space’s design. Original espionage artifacts from spy plane flight decks are integral aspects of the design. Internal venues include the sleek Interpol Bar, the Spybrary, the Seduction Lounge, and the Interrogation Room, all of which highlight varying aspects of secret agent lore.