DTB Arrives in New Orleans

Will Speros • April 14, 2017

New Orleans’ Carrolton neighborhood has welcomed DTB—Down the Bayou—as its newest dining concept. The vibrant restaurant pays homage to the Cajun roots of both chef Carl Schaubhut and co-owner Jacob Naquin.

The laidback, convivial atmosphere has been crafted by locally based interior designer Valerie Legras and architect Brooks Graham, and channels the old Louisiana coastal country with rustic and natural elements and polished, modern décor. Guests are greeted by an array of gold lacquered fish heads on the wall, inspired by the fish found in the beaks of egrets along the bayou. A 10-seat bar crafted from corrugated rusted tin contrasts with a white quartz countertop. A backdrop of Mother of Pearl oyster shells and floating white shelves offsets rustic details.

Two communal white oak tables promote socializing, while the dining area is outfitted with white quartz and metal tables as well as banquettes upholstered in deep green alligator and backed with burned cypress panels. Clad with sleek, stainless steel, the open kitchen will serve as a main focal point for the restaurant, while Spanish moss accents and lighting draws inspiration from the steel wheels used to reel fishing nets hung across the bayou.

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