Treehouse Lodge Reopens in Massachusetts

Will Speros • August 17, 2017

Photography by Christian Gianelli

Falmouth, Massachusetts-based construction company the Valle Group has completed the renovation of Falmouth’s former Sleepy Hollow Motor Inn. Newly reopened as the Treehouse Lodge, the 24-room motel includes a tiny home-inspired aesthetic.

The original structure from 1959 remains unaltered, while the interiors were updated with new flooring, paint, and furnishings. The lobby entryway was relocated, while doors and an entrance portico were replaced. The new lobby will be further expanded to accommodate a small seating enclave.

Bathrooms and kitchenettes were overhauled in each accommodation. The property’s central pool was also scrapped to make way for a community garden space, complete with a sculpture from artist Sandra Vlock.