Room Mate Hotels Introduces Two New Properties in Europe

March 23, 2016

Madrid-based Room Mate Hotels has launched two properties in Europe—the Room Mate Giulia in Milan and Room Mate Valeria in Malaga. Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola designed the Room Mate Giulia, and Victoria and Sylvia Melian of Madrid-based Melian Interiors crafted the Room Mate Valeria.

“Milan and Malaga embody Room Mate Hotels’ bold and spirited attitude through their rich culture and vibrant communities,” says Enrique “Kike” Sarasola, Room Mate’s founder and chairman. 

Designed by locally based Patricia Urquiola, the Room Mate Giulia features 85 guestrooms. Just steps away from the Duomo, the hotel’s lobby features the same pink marble used in the iconic cathedral, while terracotta bricks adorn the walls in recurring geometric patterns that appear throughout the hotel. Guestrooms are inspired by the vintage chic of Italian residential homes. Works by Milanese artists, photographers, and illustrators appear throughout the property. The Room Mate Guilia is the brand’s first hotel in Milan, joining sister hotels Room Mate Luca and Room Mate Isabella, both located in Florence.

Designed by Victoria and Sylvia Melian of Madrid-based Melian Interiors, the Room Mate Valeria is the brand’s third hotel in Malaga. Inspired by the nearby Mediterranean Sea, guestrooms feature shades of bright turquoise, green, and navy, offset by white marble floors and sleek black furnishings. The lobby and public areas reflect the lush vegetation surrounding the property, and feature an exclusive floral fabric print that shows large tropical leaves in various shades of green. Reclaimed Andalusian metal lanterns provide lighting in both the lobby and the courtyard, which features cobblestone pavement from Córdoba and white rattan furniture. 

Room Mate Hotels has eight additional openings planned for 2016 in cities including Rotterdam, Florence, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid. It also opened an American headquarters in Miami earlier this year, with an eye on new markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston, as well as New York and Miami where it already has properties.