Avaya Releases Inaugural Hospitality Industry Survey

Will Speros • March 20, 2017

Santa Clara, California-based technology company Avaya has revealed the results of its inaugural Hospitality Industry Survey, which polled 72 hotel brands on market trends and areas for improvement. With quality of guest experiences established as the largest driver of bookings, those polled emphasized three opportunities to enhance guest experience: engagement, communication, and services.

“The guest experience is more important than price when it comes to repeat customers and recommendations. The big question is how do we improve the experience at a reasonable cost, when nearly everything about a hotel has high capital and operating expenses?” Frederick Sabty, vice president of hospitality worldwide for Avaya.

According to the survey, 55 percent of hospitality companies say they struggle to engage guests during the booking process, while 70 percent indicated they struggle during and after the visit. Sixty percent of respondents said the inability of staff members to effectively communicate is a main factor in diminishing guest experience, while 62 percent said the quality of guest experience could be enhanced through in-room and on-property services.
Respondents also acknowledged the importance of mobile apps in engaging guests during their stay. Over the next five years, 81 percent of respondents planned to create high-functioning mobile apps.