RedFarm London

Will Speros • Photography by Taran Wilkhu • January 30, 2019

Photos: RedFarm UK

Passersby could easily mistake RedFarm London for anything but a Chinese restaurant. Leaping across the pond from New York to London’s chic Covent Garden, the modern dim sum concept exudes the warmth of a classic farmhouse with a stark black storefront and original brickwork cladding its upper levels.  “We wanted to blend in with the London streetscape but also wanted a contrast to the bright, fresh interiors,” says, Jun Aizaki, owner and principal of Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm CRÈME.

“We didn’t want it to look like a traditional dim sum restaurant,” he adds. “We wanted to bring a greenmarket sensibility and farmhouse feel to the modern and inventive Chinese food.”

Chosen for its American design qualities, white oak adorns the dining room along with pervasive red and white checker patterns inspired by the restaurant’s name. An array of greenery also punctuates the sunny interior to further reinforce a connection to the outdoors. Details like communal tables and mismatched seating are employed on the ground and first floors in homage to the design hallmarks of the New York location. White gingham fabrics and vintage crates are also showcased to complement the inviting, farmhouse atmosphere.

A moodier ambiance characterizes the third floor of the restaurant, reminiscent of a speakeasy with tufted leather banquettes, antique wood walls, and a wraparound bar in marble and copper accents. The upstairs bar echoes the attic or loft part of a barn, “adding a nice juxtaposition for some layered texture and mystery,” he says. “It’s a cozy hideaway from the bright and bustling restaurant below.”

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