Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa

Will Speros • December 13, 2016

Photos: Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa

Spanning more than two million square feet and located along a stretch of white sand coast, the Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay Resort and Spa marks the brand’s first beach resort  in China. The new-build called for a design that stood apart from the rest of the portfolio, so Singapore-based design studio LTW anchored the property in the legacy of its location, referencing the region’s historic fishing villages.

“The concept of the hotel evolved from the idea of a contemporary fishing village, inviting traveling families to congregate, experience a sense of community, and enjoy authentic local traditions,” explains LTW Designworks partner Su Seam Teo. “Building on this concept, we created a tropical oasis that evokes the cultural spirit of different ethnic groups in Hainan, while taking advantage of its idyllic setting.”

An architectural motif recalling traditional Chinese lanterns is reflected in the structures’ rectangular forms, while the soothing interior atmosphere recalls local heritage with elements inspired by traditional costumes and fretwork patterns that mirror fishing nets. The design also honors Hainan’s indigenous Li people, referencing their elaborate weaving and embroidery through woven patterns paired with ceremonial colors and curated artwork to complement mosaics and streamlined furnishings.

LTW paid particular mind to the design of the lobby to ensure a striking arrival experience. Four massive columns and a domed ceiling capture the grandeur of the space, but manage not to overwhelm thanks to through neutral beach and sand tones that exude warmth, says Teo. “To diffuse the scale of the columns, we added slats and used textured paint,” she explains.

Suspended light fixtures crafted from woven baskets add to the cozy setting, illuminating a feature wall that partitions lobby spaces, and nearly 50-foot-high glass walls frame the lobby lounge with its vertical garden and lush greenery. Adding to the natural vibe, a faceted glass mural depicting the Tree of Life is displayed behind the reception desk, its prisms showcasing iridescent qualities.

Guestrooms continue the fishing village theme with a natural palette of raw, textured materials contrasting sleek silhouettes and traditional craftsmanship captured in bespoke artwork and wallcoverings. Set against the backdrop of ocean or landscape views, pervasive burgundy tones also create a strong visual impact. “Our intention was once again to bring in the outside environment into the interior space with floor to ceiling windows,” says Teo.

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