MACH Energy Report Reveals Room for Improvement in Hospitality Sustainability Programs

Will Speros • May 20, 2016

Energy and water management software provider MACH Energy recently completed one of the largest nationwide surveys on energy management for the hotel and lodging industry. More than 5,000 professionals representing the full asset range—including casino, luxury, historical, boutique, economy, and extended stay properties—participated in the “2016 Hotel Industry Survey: Energy and Water Management Best Practice,” and findings show that nearly one third of hotels in the U.S. still do not have sustainability or energy management systems in place.

Sixty-one percent of those polled reported that their hotels ran a sustainability program, though 42 percent were able to answer whether or not the programs led to savings, though 80 percent cited cost reduction as the prime motivator behind water and energy management systems. Twenty-nine percent did not having a program, while seven percent were unsure.

Although only 30 percent of respondents had energy management systems (EMS) in place, the majority of those polled were satisfied with their programs. For those with an EMS in place, 79 percent said lowered costs were their favorite feature, while real time monitoring capabilities and more zealous budget tracking accounted for 55 and 45 percent, respectively.

The survey also revealed an opportunity in energy and water reduction in common areas, as 92 percent of those surveyed knew the general size of their common spaces, but 30 percent did not know the utility costs those areas generate.

“The hotel and lodging industry has made incredible strides to address sustainability concerns and to take advantage of the associated cost and time savings and improved guest experience,” says MACH Energy CEO Jon Moeller. “Our team has worked hand-in-hand with some of the most progressive building teams to integrate energy management programs and make their job easier, and we look forward to bringing low-cost, high-impact EMS solutions to the rest of the industry as it embraces the value creation in energy and water management.”