OEO Studio Crafts Natur & Nicolai Bergmann Tokyo Flagship

Will Speros • October 10, 2017

Danish jewelry brand Natur & Nicolai Bergmann has introduced a new Tokyo flagship crafted by Copenhagen-based firm OEO Studio. Housed within a distinctive structure designed by Japanese architecture firm SANAA, the store spans three floors that each highlight a designated jewelry range.

“It was very important for us to create a sophisticated spatial experience that showcases the new jewelry universe by floral artist Nicolai Bergmann, and we have worked with high-quality furniture, exclusive materials, and bespoke interior solutions that reflect an air of lightness and Nordic sophistication.”

A refined blend of high-quality furniture and lighting complement bespoke elements that balance maximalism with minimalism to showcase the jewelry. Display cabinets reflect modern Danish opulence as well as Japanese craftsmanship. Crafted from ash and glass and supported with a powdercoated steel frame, cabinets present the jewelry on custom porcelain units set against a fabric backdrop of silk and Japanese washi paper for a 3D effect. The interior is also appointed with custom counters and pedestals for flowers as well as elegant wall partitions.