Air France Introduces New Airline Concept Joon

Will Speros • October 6, 2017

Air France has introduced Joon, a new travel experience crafted to accommodate the modern traveler with an emphasis on flexibility and personalization. The new airline concept aims to evoke the qualities of a rooftop bar and entertainment network. Flights from Paris to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto will begin this December, and expand to destinations in Brazil and the Seychelles by summer 2018. Joon is expected to have 28 aircrafts by 2020, including 10 long-haul Airbus jets.

Joon will offer a free catering in the Business cabin and a new paid option in economy with around 60 snacks. In addition, the YouJoon entertainment channel enables customers to access in-flight streaming on their smartphones, tablet, or laptop. Customers can recharge their batteries with the individual USB port.

Joon will offer a network of innovative partnerships that can be deployed at Air France: TravelCar will take care of guests’ cars at Paris-CDG and provide a free and fully secured parking by offering to rent it to other private individuals; Airbnb Experiences invites guests to enjoy an authentic travel experience; Le BHV Marais has created a unique tour of Paris with three exclusive packages; With Waynabox, an exclusive partner at Joon destinations on departure from Paris, customers will discover their destination only 48 hours before departure.

The AlloSky Virtual Reality Headset will be available to Business customers on long-haul flights in collaboration with SkyLights. This new generation headset provides high-definition screens and a diopter correction to adapt to everyone’s eyes. Paper Plane allows guests to raise money from friends, families, or colleagues to help plan a trip to the destination of their choice.

“To create Joon, we worked together to define a new offer in the air transport industry, in a spirit of creativity, innovation, and agility,” explains Joon CEO Jean-Michel Mathieu. “Joon is Air France’s little sister, who breaks with tradition and takes inspiration from the new expectations of travelers to offer an experience that goes beyond the aircraft doors.”