Maiden Omnia Dayclub Arrives in Bali

Will Speros • February 12, 2018

Photography by Martin Westlake

The Hakkasan Group has launched the first Omnia Dayclub in Bali. Grounded in the same principles as the flagship in Las Vegas, the club is installed on the cliffs of Uluwatu overlooking the Bukit Peninsula.

Crafted by Rockwell Group in collaboration with Singapore-based design practice WOHA, the Omnia Dayclub features the Japanese restaurant Sake no Hana, which is inspired by the concept of shun—the moment of perfection when all things peak. The open-air, latticed venue is framed with natural elements and includes an infinity pool to immerse guests in the Balinese environment.

Luxurious cabanas and bungalows with private plunge pools are installed behind the DJ booth, while a swim-up bar and oversized pool beds add to the party atmosphere. A casual lounge area and umbrella-shaded sunbeds are also featured. The Cube is the cinematic focal point: a tower of shimmering silver that comes to life after dark when it lights up the horizon.