Legacy Records Arrives at Hudson Yards

March 12, 2018

The hip Mediterranean New York eatery Legacy Records has debuted within the residential Henry Hall building, which is part of the city’s Hudson Yards neighborhood. Crafted by San Francisco-based designer Ken Fulk, the restaurant exudes a midcentury modern style. Operating as a café during the day, Legacy Records is divided into three distinctive spaces—the ground floor bar, ground floor dining room, and upstairs private event space and cocktail lounge.

Emerald green tones span the main dining room, activating the ceiling and contrasting the neutral hues in grass-cloth walls and teak chairs. Marble is used throughout, including in the restaurant’s wine bar. Among Legacy Records’ striking artwork is a mural from Chris Lux that reinterprets the album art of Marvin Gaye in the bar area on the restaurant’s second floor. Overlooking the dining room below, the upstairs bar is appointed with plush, padded banquettes. Nearby, brass sconces illuminate blue crocodile walls in the bathroom adjacent to the private dining room as well.