Ryo Kan Mx Debuts in Latin America

Will Speros • August 9, 2018

Located in the Little Tokyo section of the city, the Ryo Kan MX has debuted in Mexico City as the maiden ryokan in Latin America. The urban oasis provides access to the Paseo de la Reforma financial corridor.

A design led by architect Regina Galvanduque of GLVDK Studio draws inspiration from various aspects of the Japanese lifestyles and culture, including a façade that reflects the influence of origami paper folds. Natural materials and textures of Mexican origin are included inside as the backdrop for the inviting welcome area and an open library. The central zen garden juxtaposes East and West as well as the traditional and the contemporary. A terrace equipped with four onsen—traditional Japanese baths—is also featured.

Each of the 10 accommodations is crafted with separate identities and aesthetics akin to typical Millennial Kyoto homes. Juco vines, traditional in Mayan architecture, are included in the design along with terrazzo and oak and Japanese elements such as tatami mats and sliding doors.