Pierattelli Architetture Designs M7 Contemporary Apartments in Florence

Will Speros • July 10, 2018

Photography by Matteo Zita/Max Lisi

Florence-based firm Pierattelli Architetture has completed the new M7 Contemporary Apartments near the Fortezza da Basso in its hometown. The 11 new extended stay units are conceived to deliver a residential-style spin on hospitality across more than 10,700 square feet each.

Housed within a transformed Neoclassical volume, the new apartments maximize functionality across single-, two-, and three-room configurations. Endowed with a clean, linear design, each apartment is equipped with a kitchen and living space populated with custom furnishings that convey an intimate and refined touch. Light hues contrast warm wood tones to establish a cozy mood, while notes of emerald and electric blue balance the interiors with a contemporary flair.