JD House and Packard House Emerge from Refreshes

Will Speros • June 12, 2018

JD House

JD House and Packard House, sister properties under the Lark Hotels banner, have both relaunched this month in Mendocino, California following renovations led by Massachusetts-based design firm Butcher & Blood. Both properties are part of the Blue Door Group along with the Blue Door Inn, which remained open throughout the renovations.

Packard House

The eight-room JD House evokes a modern interpretation of a ship captain’s home, complete with an assortment of functional furnishings as well as modern, nautical elements that express the character of Mendocino. Conceived as an accessible artists’ escape, meanwhile, the six-room Packard House draws inspiration from California artist and activist Emmy Lou Packard with an eclectic yet soothing palette.