First Latin American Ryokan Lands in Mexico City

Will Speros • September 14, 2018

Mexico City has unveiled the Ryo Kan MX, the first ryokan concept to debut in Latin America. Located in the heart of the city’s emerging Little Tokyo neighborhood, the Japanese oasis aims to function as a restorative urban retreat.

Architect Regina Galvanduque of locally based design practice GLVDK Studio drew inspiration from various aspects of Japanese culture when drafting the design. Evocative of origami paper folds, the façade welcomes visitors as they enter the serene property. Natural materials and textures abound throughout the interior to accent tranquil environments like an open library, a spa and a terrace appointed with four onsen, or traditional Japanese baths. The central zen garden serves as the nucleus of the hotel, juxtaposing both traditional and contemporary elements of the East and West.

Conceived as Millennial-style Kyoto abodes, all ten guestrooms are crafted with a unique aesthetic and flexibility. In addition to terrazzo and oak, the accommodations feature a type of vine typical of Mayan architecture called juco, or guaco. Decorated tatami mats are installed alongside traditional beds, sliding doors, and other signatures of modern Japanese design.