Hirsch Bedner Associates Launches HBA Resort

Will Speros • August 10, 2017

HBA’s recent project Kanahuru Maldives

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) has announced the launch of its seventh subdivision—HBA Resort. Based in HBA’s Bali offices, the new design division will specialize in bespoke, luxury resort properties. The team will draw inspiration from the exotic locale with the help of local artisans and craftsmen. HBA principal David Haughton will spearhead HBA Resort, offering expertise from his 25 years in the industry.

“Gone are the days of generic hotels made to fit all guests. Today, we create narrative-driven hotels that speak to each hotel’s distinct and discerning visitor by creating an experience through tailor-made design,” says Haughton. “As an artist myself, I have always taken a very hands-on approach to my designs and in working with our clients. I believe it’s what helps us design to each region and market and create an imaginative new product each time.”