Airbnb Announces Plans to Develop Apartment Concept in Florida

Will Speros • October 13, 2017

Airbnb and Miami-based Newgard Development Group have announced they are collaborating to develop home sharing and flexible living within a new apartment complex for Kissimmee, Florida near Orlando. Slated as the first in a series of similar projects across the southeastern U.S., the 324-unit Niido Powered by Airbnb will offer residents the opportunity to share units for up to 180 days per year, and provide access to an array of tools from Niido, including a new app that is integrated with Airbnb and supports checking in and assisting guets.

Airbnb and Niido will oversee the design of the units and buildings, which will be equipped with keyless entry and shared common areas. Annual leases will stipulate whether residents will permit the sharing of single rooms or entire units; those who share their full units will be enrolled in Airbnb’s Friendly Buildings Program, in which hosts and landlords share the revenues from home sharing.

“This venture represents the first co-branded, all-inclusive partnership with Airbnb. We are excited to bring Niido to the world and introduce a new experience that is fun, social, convenient, transparent, connected, and valuable for tenant hosts, Airbnb guests, and landlords alike,” says Newgard CEO Harvey Hernandez. “As the cost of living increases, apartment renters are under intense financial pressure. Together with Airbnb, Niido’s unique multifamily home-sharing model provides a powerful solution to this ongoing problem by delivering extra income for tenants while creating enhanced experiences for their guests.”