Kelly Wearstler Leads Master Class for WeWork

Will Speros • May 25, 2018

Kelly Wearstler

WeWork held the San Francisco Creator Awards earlier this month at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco to recognize and reward creators who continue to drive their industries forward. In addition to a live pitch competition among finalists, the event also included a series of master classes where attendees were invited to learn new skills. With a focus on career growth, locally based interior designer Kelly Wearstler led the master class Designing a BIG Life alongside entrepreneur Kevin Rose, Creative Live CEO Chase Jarvis, and Tan France of Queer Eye fame.

Hospitality Design (HD) recently caught up with Wearstler, who discussed the themes of her class, recent projects, and her own evolution.

How do you constantly push yourself to design with purpose?
Kelly Wearstler: One of the beautiful aspects about my work is that it allows me to consistently learn and discover new things. I am a very curious person. I love to challenge and educate myself. For me, design is a continual evolution and the only way to truly evolve is to stay curious and take risks.

With that in mind, is there a recent project you are most proud of? 
KW: My newest hotel project, San Francisco Proper, which takes the residential hospitality concept to the next level. San Francisco has an artsy, cool, intellectual West Coast vibe. The city was the muse in everything from the palette and materials to the local artists and rich European influences. I wanted the design to be both inspired by the city (and the Beaux-Arts landmark flatiron building’s) unique history as well as its modern vibrancy. In essence, giving the hotel a new spirit without taking out its soul.

Since the WeWork Creator Awards honor those who are thinking outside the box, what piece of advice would you give your 20-something self, knowing what you know now? 
KW: Do not let fear stop you from creating the life and business that you want. For me, the greatest lesson I learned was to stay true to my voice, true to my vision, and not allow trends to dictate my creative process.