Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Forms Unofficial “Z” Collection

December 23, 2015
Hotel Zetta

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust will soon reopen Hotel Zeppelin on San Francisco’s Union Square as part of its newly formed unofficial “Z” collection—a local grouping of lifestyle hotels that also includes Hotel Zetta, Hotel Zelos, and Hotel Zephyr.

Like each of the previous “Z” properties, Seattle-based Dawson Design Associates will redesign the hotel, formerly known as the Prescott. Its juxtaposition of interactive and intimate interiors will nod to the city’s counterculture and local art scene.

“We work closely with Dawson to create original, stylish, and interactive travel experiences in what we refer to as our unofficial ‘Z’ collection,” says Jon Bortz, chairman, president, and CEO of Pebblebrook, which “places design, art, play, and sustainability at the forefront of the individual guest experience.”

Hotel Zephyr

The collection centers on art-driven properties with sustainable design and green programming that aim to reduce energy and water consumption. A life-sized female figure made of repurposed tools and hardware, for example, will greet guests of Hotel Zeppelin.

“We approached each hotel as its own canvas,” says Andrea Dawson Sheehan, art director and founding principal of Dawson Design Associates. “Great art guides our design process. With each experience, we aim to evoke a strong emotional response and intimate connection with our guests. That experience is both playfully provocative and entertaining, yet warm and inviting. We strive to develop hotel spaces that are highly flexible and designed for multiple uses including social gatherings, intimate hideaways and impromptu business meetings. Our guests demand multiple options for their functions and activities, so we’ve set out to meet their needs in a fun and engaging way.”

Having debuted in 2012, Hotel Zetta draws upon the local tech industry with elements that include an interactive Plinko game and a backlit wall with images of Alcatraz inmates—a tongue-in-cheek homage to Facebook. Amenities include the Cavalier, an upscale British-style brasserie and bar conceived by locally based designer Ken Fulk.

Hotel Zephyr

While Hotel Zelos was modeled after the surrealist art of M.C. Escher, Hotel Zephyr  is a maritime-inspired property that includes the outdoor Yard—an adult playground with steampunk-style sculptures, cargo containers, games, and firepits.

Hotel Zeppelin is slated to reopen next March.